A quick blog update this morning

Time for just a quick update -

We soft opened on June 1st and 2nd  to get most of the kinks worked out of the new retail register system, and then took a couple more days in the kitchen before soft opening again on June 6.

The ribbon-cutting and official open-for-business day arrived Thursday, June 7! Mayor Hamden mentioned in his remarks that ours was the biggest ribbon-cutting he’d done, and that it was the ninth for the city just since New Years. That’s a double plus – lots of community support for new businesses, and lots of new businesses opening in our sweet little town.

I couldn’t be happier. I have the most wonderful staff, and they are all in for getting us up to speed. I spend one-on-one time with everyone during orientation to talk about our values and our mission, and why we have opened our new little Kitchen. It’s a happy place. And the food is just so good.

More soon.